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The main ‘Hero’ section will be in-house content produced by the award-winning team at Teach Me Music Academy. It will cover individual instrument courses across Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keys and Vocals. Each course will have Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced elements. The fun and engaging teaching style that Teach Me Music has long been established in delivering will be a USP.

There will also be masterclasses produced and uploaded every month featuring top industry players. This will be titled the ‘Mainstage Series’.


Stage 2 of the platform is to be ‘vetted user-generated content’, where we will give other independent tutors across the world the opportunity to upload their own self-produced videos for submission onto the platform. Our platform is not the same as uploading to YouTube with no quality or restrictions vetting on the actual worth of the content to the end consumer. Submissions must pass our quality processes and curation checks to ensure the content is of high educational value to the customer. We will only want the best and most relevant tuition available.

The advantage of this could be an example scenario: a drummer from the U.K wants to learn more about Samba styles. Who would be better than an outstanding Samba drummer from Brazil who has made an authentic guide to samba drumming with contact details for a live follow-up lesson over zoom?

Independent tutors will be paid a much fairer rate when their content is streamed and gain new clients through the exposure to the thousands of music students subscribing to the platform. This section of the platform will be a lot of added value.


Legacy section. We will reinvest profits of the service into buying the rights to stream great historic music tuition catalogues every month. These could be courses by musicians like Steve Vai or Bernard Purdie for example. We feel excellent music tuition does not date. We want to showcase this from when music tuition on video starting became popular during the 80s and 90s.

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